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You think about it constantly. It’s your dream! So close you can almost feel it. Fear and failure continue to hold you back. What would others think? You become discouraged. Guess what..”God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 Go… Continue reading …GO!

Mommy Chronicles

Homemade Ginger Tea Cubes

Do you or your child have congestion or a sore throat? Before going to the doctor or taking over the counter medicine, try homemade ginger tea! With a few simple ingredients, you can feel and see a change in the matter of days! Lets face it, if you have kids in daycare or school, they… Continue reading Homemade Ginger Tea Cubes

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YOU are beautiful

yes…YOU!  {smile}. I found myself falling into the media’s perception of beauty. I didn’t fit in. After a while….I didn’t want to anymore.  😀 Guess what? YOU are…“fearfully and wonderfully made”… Psalm 139:14 Your physical details are just the way they are supposed to be. Let make-up and other self enhancements be a choice, not… Continue reading YOU are beautiful

DIY stuff

DIY ant trap #colonykiller 

Just hanging out in the kitchen cooking for the fam, then I see a little red ant…then another…then another..then…{okay, you get it}. I despise the very existence of ants. For all of you insect lovers, I understand they are needed in the circle of life, or whatever, but not in my kitchen!!! My motto is,… Continue reading DIY ant trap #colonykiller 

Inspiration time

“Stand Out”

So simple, but true. You don’t have to look, act, walk, and eat like everyone else. Being yourself is okay. It’s less stressful. Be excited about your life and where you are heading, it only goes up from here Leave a positive comment…never know who you are helping out 🙂 #cheapgirlchronicles

DIY stuff

TUTORIAL: DIY Styrofoam Window Cornice Board

Want to know how to make a super easy cornice box? OK! So, I’ve been living at my current home for 6 years and said, “the heck with the windows”, especially after seeing the price of window treatments I actually liked. I have white thick-ish wooden blinds, and just settled for that extravagant look. Last… Continue reading TUTORIAL: DIY Styrofoam Window Cornice Board